The person

Sitting on the tram every morning on my way to Royal Djurgården School of Art and Textile, I plan my business week. This is me. Shifting from building a traditional brand to a sustainable remaking of second-hand fashion; from the flea markets in Africa to European vintage shops, I built my wardrobe.  My early days were spent in the trillion small stores in shanty town. Little did I understand how sustainable I was. 

The Studio

The restoration and grooming of secondhand items is made in my studio, south of Stockholm. Here organized chaos prevails, with racks full of clothes, piles of fabrics, my Mutoh design table  surrounded by weaving looms and wallrocks (warp).

My method of working begins with finding items in the most unimaginable places; auctions, bankruptcy estates and inconspicious little shops. The laying on of my hands will give you a unique style from by gone years to modern classics. 

Ugly Tommy

Ugly Tommy is me. And it might be you. It’s the struggle to be somebody, like in the story by H.C Andersson. To manifest one’s own identity, your uniqueness. Climbing trees and fighting the village boys, they used to call me “TOMMY” like in “tom boy”. And here is the brand combining attitude with beauty.