Reach out

If you are suffering from wardrobe malfunction, reach out! Don’t give up on your favorite items. Throwing them out is more of a problem than a solution. Let me help you, either to fix your wardrobe, teach you some styling hacks or let the items go to me or back to the producer. 

Individual inquiry

Dear fashion brands

Your items carrying your name are thrown around. At best they collect dust in second-hand shops. At worst they are discarded. Lack of customer follow up, unattended buyer care and fast fashion has caused an environmental disaster.

Instead, you as a company should try to understand why your product ended up as trash in the first place. Some of these products are never worn. I think it’s time to revise your strategy. If you see what I see and want to collaborate to recycle your products, please get connected and let’s act together.

Use your influence to let the environment revive!