Classic feminine coat from DKNY, size between XS and M. Easy to style, appealing shades of blue, horn buttons and long sleeved. Warm enough to be worn during the Swedish winter and chic enough to be carried during summer. Let the blazer talk about you and your uniqueness. Cleaning care as written on the label, follow the instruction precisely. I don’t advice you to fold or put it on a wrong position, hang and stretch it after every wear. Don’t use water for easy cleaning instead try to brush excess dust.



I bought this beautiful “Pure DKNY” – edition by Donna Karan, at the begining of November. Looking at it now hanging amongst my collection fills my heart with happiness. I hope it will be a source of happiness for you. Take it from me. It is a wonderful wool coat with approximately new texture. The warmth you feel inside, the beauty you see outside!

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“Buy her Creation” is a page I designed for  neat, functional and stylish wears by female designers. This month I’m featuring three iconic women; Donna Karan, Filippa Martina Knutsson and Carin Wester. Stay tuned, more of their  items are being curated in my studio. 

Congratulations! You took a recognizable milestone in saving the environment. Buying pre-owned won’t make you less attractive, but unique.  Stand out with your look and let others follow your footstep.  

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