A super fine neckerchief with a vintage touch. Easy to wear with any outfit but not really dependent on season. Style it your own way; loop it around your handbag to get a classy feminine look. Easy to carry around, it doesn’t take any place and gives a unique attitude to your style. Add that simple magic to make it fit with your daily wear. The silkiness allows you to manipulate it into; a headband, neck tie and other accessories.






This classic scarf is a must have.  It’s super flexible nature will change your way of looking at scarves. Give yourself a makeover, those simple changes play a big role. If you are tired of your old closet or just need to keep up, allow me to tell you this; 2020 is all about vintage accessories. 

“My everyday look has definitely become more low maintenance, but accessories are everything. A structured bag, statement jewelry or a cute scarf can add polish to any outfit!”


The One Hair Accessory That All Our Fashion Friends Are Wearing Right Now

Congratulations! You took a recognizable milestone in saving the environment. Buying pre-owned won’t make you less attractive, but unique.  Stand out with your look and let others follow your footstep.  

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