Delicate and finely woven scarf from Nordiska Kompaniet/NK. Catchy color palette together with the wool sensation make your purchase exciting. Let your wardrobe enjoy the makeover. Light weight like an Ostrich’s feather. Fair length and chic width. Weather neutral, water proof and wind resistance. Neither glossy nor dull, beautiful matt. Be one good example in ushering abandoned fashion outfits.



This color palette makes the job easier for you. The color combination between sandy, light burgundy and black always keeps the minimalist look in place. Try to wrap it around your neck lightly, keep the edges flexible and give a breathing space between your chin and the scarf; (see pictures below)  this will help the accessory lift your look discreetly.

Congratulations! You took a recognizable milestone in saving the environment. Buying pre-owned won’t make you less attractive, but unique.  Stand out with your look and let others follow your footstep.  

This item is cared for, properly stored, laundered, loved and restored before reaching you. Thank you in giving it a home while caring for the environment. 

Be the new proud adopter.