Affordable pair of jeans from Flippa K. In a good condition and an investment you won’t regret. Intact seams and catchy colour. Production size Medium, fit S or XS as slightly baggy pairs. It all depends on how you want to combine them. Neat pockets and functioning zipper. The length fits with any pair of shoes.

Product care:-  wash inside out; dry them stretched and use a steamer.  You can easily combine these pairs with anything you wear. 

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A possible combination between two available products. Minimalist black leather bag with fully functioning zipper. Goes with the item listed above. It has a casual clutch or portfolio appearance than a usual bag.  Firmly sewn, neither faded nor scratched. Definitely a must have


Congratulations! You took a recognizable milestone in saving the environment. Buying pre-owned won’t make you less attractive, but unique.  Stand out with your look and let others follow your footstep.  

This item is cared for, properly stored, laundered, loved and restored before reaching you. Thank you in giving it a home while caring for the environment. 

Be the new proud adopter.